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Proxy Access

Proxy Access allows a parent, legal guardian, or other caretaker to access another patientís account in order to help manage their healthcare. Those requesting Proxy Access will need to complete a consent form and turn it into the patientís doctorís office for review and approval.

For those requesting access for another Adult (18 yrs and older) or an Adolescent (12 to 17) patientís NM MyChart account, the patientís signed consent will also be required in order to be granted access. If you cannot obtain the Adolescent's approval a parent or guardian can submit a request for a Minor Proxy account that will have limited access.

To get started on completing a consent form, you can download and print off the form that is applicable for you:

Proxy Consent Form Ė Minors
Proxy Consent Form Ė Adolescent
Proxy Consent Form Ė Adults